An amazing product which is used by carpenters, painters, and for fixing broken items. The joint is transparent due to its light color. Magic epoxy is a strong adhesive formed by reaction of Epoxy Resin and Hardener at room temperature. The bond is ready-to-use in just 2 Hours after its application.

  1. For coating circuit plate and color mixing in AVR coating.
  2. For repairing heavy transformers.
  3. For repairing heavy motors.
  4. For repairing light motors being used at home.
  5. To prevent leakage.
  6. For preparing the pain fillers by mixing with chalk powder.
  7.  For all kinds of wood.
  8.  For joining marble.
  9. All properties given are at 25°C unless otherwise noted.


  1. Packed in plastic bottles available in 3 sizes 180 gm, 900 gm,1800 gm.
  1. Store on shady and cool place. The shelf life is 12 months from the date of productio. It is available to reuse based on passing of the test if being beyond the shelf life.
  2. Preserve and transport as non-dangerous products

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