A fast curing, multi-purpose, two components modified epoxy resin anchor system for threaded bars and reinforcing bars in both cracked and uncracked concrete.

  1. Planting steel bars and bolts in concrete structure Curtain wall & stone dry hanging brackets’ reinforcement Building structure reinforcement & framework anchoring Various equipment’s basic fixation,
  2. Steel structures and concrete structures anchoring connection Reinforcement for highway, bridges, water conservancy projects rebuilding Reinforcement for advertisement boards,
  1. Mark Up Hole Position and Drill Hole:
  2. Drill holes in designed position. The depth and diameter of the hole should meet the requirements in order to meet bonding area and ensure the pulling strength.Clean Hole:
  3. Clean and blow holes. Brush and blow for three times at least is recommended.Glue Preparation:
  4. Glue Preparation:
  5. EA-400 is equipped with a special static mixer and dispenser. Squeeze out the glue without fully mixed in the front part of the cartridge.
  6. Injection:
  7. Inject the glue from the bottom of the hole until fill the two-third of the hole.Rust Removal of Steel
  8. Rebar:
  9. Polish the steel bar or anchor bolt before inserted through the hole.
  10. Anchoring:
  11. Inserting in one single direction until to the bottom of the hole.
  12. Standing and Curing:
  13. Keep stand for maintenance before curing.
  14. EA-400
  15. Note:
  16. EA-400 Anchoring Adhesive can be equipped with the following materials: screw thread steel, round steel, lead screw, threaded rod, anti-crack anchor.