Fast setting and strong adhesive consists of Epoxy Resin and fast curing hardener which bonds , fixes and joins most object within 4 minutes with reliability and tremendous strength. Magic depoxi steel is heat, steam, water, and oil proof. The joints can bear 4000 pound PSI pressure and temperature up to 300°F.

Magic Depoxi Steel is highly effective and reliable because it can strongly attach all steel parts.

Magic Depoxi Steel is used in cars, motorbikes, and any other vehicle.

  1. Prevents leakage of petrol tanks
  2. Prevents leakage of carbonator.
  3. Prevents leakage of engine’s water body
  4. For filling car heads.
  5. Prevents leakage of diesel pipe.
  6. Prevents leakage of pressure pipe in tractors.
  7. Prevents leakage of hydraulic pipes.
  8. Prevents leakage of chambers.
  1. Immediately prevents leakage of gas pipes.
  2. Prevents leakage of water tanks
  3. For repairing the water pump fan
  4. Pump repairing
  5. Prevents leakage of water pipes
  1. For coating circuit plate and color mixing in AVR coating.
  2. For repairing heavy transformers.
  3. For repairing heavy motors.
  4. For repairing light motors being used at home.
  5. To prevent leakage.
  6. For preparing the pain fillers by mixing with chalk powder.
  7.  For all kinds of wood.
  8. For joining marble.
  1. Available in 3 sizes 1-Net weight 14 gm Cardboard Box pack. 10 pieces packed in one master box. 100 such master = 1,000 pieces packed in one master carton.
  2. Net weight 56 gm Cardboard Box pack. 10 pieces packed in one master box. 48 such master = 480 pieces packed in one master carton.
  3. Net weight 445 gm Cardboard Box pack. 48 pieces packed in one master carton.
  1. Store on shady and cool place. The shelf life is 12 months from the date of production.
  2. It is available to reuse based on passing of the test if being beyond the shelf life.
  3. Preserve and transport as non-dangerous products.