Magic® Epoxy Steel is a normal speed curing epoxy adhesive. Worn bearings, cracked sheet metal, leaking hydraulic systems, fractured castings, countless metal parts with a total replacement value of millions of dollars are now being saved from the scrap pile with the use of metal filled epoxy compound Magic® Epoxy Steel. The rapid acceptance of the new repair material is due in part to it’s almost unlimited applications. It has excellent adhesion to all metals, wood, porcelain, masonry and many other materials. No heat or pressure is required whether bonding similar or different materials together. It is unaffected by water, gas, oil, solvents, most acids and alkalis, and temperatures up to 300°F.

All properties given are at 25°C unless otherwise noted.

  1. Approx. Net 16 gm Bubble Card pack. 20 cards in a master box. 18 such master box in a carton , Total = 360 cards in a sea Worthy carton.
  2. Approx.. Net 58 gm Bubble Card Pack.12 cards in a master box. 16 such Master box in a carton, Total = 192 cards in a sea Worthy carton.