PU Foam is spray-applied polyurethane that can eliminate air leaks and drafts, seal gaps and cracks and insulate against the elements to make homes comfortable, quiet, cozy and more energy efficient all year round.

Magic Super Fix PU Foam has wide variety of applications which includes heat insulation, cold insulation, moisture-proof, quakeproof, sealing, heat preservation, Binds together particles with high intensity and possesses high foaming quality and good flexibility. It is the most modern and ideal new building material, it has the environmental protection, conservation and construction convenience.

  1. PVC Windows and doors installment: Between windows and doors. Wall sealing seal and fixing cracks.
  2. Sound-insulation, noise elimination, sound chamber and broadcast studio slit fills, may play the sound-insulated noise elimination role.

Prevent the expensive the fragile goods from broken, time saving and fast.

  1. Before the use, shake thoroughly the can which guarantees the material to be even.
  2. If using spray gun , screw joint, revolving opens the flow valve, after the adjustment current capacity carries on again spraying.
  3. When spraying pay attention to the approaching speed, usually spray the quantity half of the volume required.
  4. After 1 hour the froth solidifies approximately.
  5. Slices the extra amount froth with the knife .Before the construction,remove the greasy dirt and the floating dust from the surface
  6. After use clean spray gun with the special-purpose cleansing agent.
  7. Keep the can upright and let the straw remain on the nozzle after use.